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At Thompson Interim Professionals, we rise to meet every challenge and always work to exceed our customers' expectations. Our clients gladly testify to that below, but we encourage you to experience the Thompson Interim Professionals difference firsthand.

Berryman & Henigar, Inc.; municipal professional services consulting firm
Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute, genomics research
The Corky McMillin Companies real estate development
Thompson Interim Professionals Consultant

Berryman & Henigar, Inc.; municipal professional services consulting firm

"If you need to find really good accounting and financial professionals in a wide variety of skill sets and you need to do it really quickly, you can trust Thompson Interim Professionals: They've earned my trust, and they've earned my business."

CFO, Berryman & Henigar, Inc.

Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute, genomics research

"When I needed to fill an unusual, interim senior finance position requiring flexible hours I contacted Thompson Interim Professionals. The candidate I chose matched up exceptionally well with what I was looking for and there were no surprises. I can't imagine it working out any better than it did."

CFO, Genomics Institute of
The Novartis Research Foundation

The Corky McMillin Companies

"In my opinion, Thompson Interim Professionals is the best company to work with in San Diego because they put the best effort and most discretion into matching the position with the individual. I just had a wonderful experience with them–they're very up front and I think the world of them."

Controller, The Corky McMillin Companies

Thompson Interim Professionals Consultant

"Everybody at Thompson Interim Professionals treats their consultants very well: you're expected to be professional and you're treated professionally. They try very hard to find you work that you're going to like, and they do their due diligence. The process was painless and very professional."

ThomsponRose Consultant